COVID-19 Protocols

We stay responsible,

so you can stay safe and relaxed.

What you do

We insist all our performances stay outdoors. All crew members, musicians, and observers must wear face masks.

If you have been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or have been exposed to anyone tested COVID-19 positive in the past 14 days, please stay at home.

No food. You can bring your own drinks, e.g. water, tea, etc, no alcohol. Face masks must cover nostrils and mouth at all times, except for when you’re actively drinking your beverages.

Please do not approach or interact with other parties outside of your household.
Always maintain a 6ft social distancing, while queuing for check-in, and during the performance.

Before entering the rotunda area, a staff member will give you a COVID screening and take your temperature with contactless thermometer.

You will be seated by our staff member at a designated seating area. Each group has their own area, with 6ft social distancing in between. Please do not rearrange the chairs, it will break the social distancing.

If you are not able to reserve a spot on EventBrite, please stay home. We cannot guarantee you a spot at the event, and we have to disperse any congregating crowds.

Anyone who fails to follow the above will be escorted away from the Rotunda area.

What we do

Since this is in public park space, our first concern is crowd flow. The Rotunda area will be roped off, with two entrances – East and West sides. Capacity is set at 50 audience members.

All guests will receive COVID-19 screenings, before allowed into the Rotunda area.

Staff members will lead each group of guests to their designated seating area.

Staff members will be monitoring the crowd, keeping check on the perimeters, and if necessary, remind guests to follow the health mandates.

A crew member will be sanitizing the piano between all performers, including the keyboard, fallboard, music stand, and piano bench.

Health and Safety Protocol Checklist

Please feel free to review our Health and Safety Protocol Checklist.