Interactive Program Notes

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A lot of feedback we get from bringing friends and family to classical music concerts, is that they find it hard to follow along the music, and understand what’s going on. It can be very tiring listening to something and feeling lost.

We intend to break the image of classical musicians hiding in their ivory towers. The timeless pieces in the genre have brought us comfort, joy, and sparkles. We believe that anyone can cross the door into a new world and perceive its beauty, if shown the way.

That’s why we utilize LiveNote┬«, a user-friendly platform that delivers interactive program notes on your mobile devices. Get excited to break the barrier with us!


Classical musicians had centuries inventing fancy terms that make them sound impressive. Think of this as your cheatsheet. Except we won’t make you take a music history exam on your way out!


There is always a dialogue, whether it be a monologue, a duet, a chorus, or a dance party. Let us decode the top layer for you, and leave the rest to your imagination.


What was the composer going through? Beethoven never got past the friend-zone. Schumann went Schizophrenic. Shostakovich wrote pieces mocking the Communist regime while being Stalin’s pet.